Reporting Instructions

Term #1 – At Risk

  • By the end of Term #1 you must notify all clusters which students are considered at risk.
  • The students individual schools and/or cluster heads are notified.

Term #2 – Interim Reports

  • Interim Reports due mid June, ABSOLUTE deadline, Monday the last week of Term #2.
  • These are done on the ACDA Interim Report Template (see year 1 and 2 templates attached).
  • Completed by teacher to be checked by Merilyn.
  • Once checked by Merilyn then email to Nikki to be sent off to the individual school VET coordinators.

Term #3 – At Risk

  • At risk students are to be continually monitored throughout the Term and teachers are to notify ACDA if issues continue.
  • ACDA will then notify the VET coordinators so there is no surprise to the student or parents if the student does not pass the year.
  • We will have results for most students at the end of Term #3, some may need extensions and Merilyn is to advise on this.

Term #4 – Competency and Final Reports

  • Teachers are to confirm UOC Competent or Not Yet Competent (C or NYC), in assessment doc – Continual Assessment Tab.
  • Clusters will ask for ACDA Report Template
  • Certificates are produced for student presentations and graduations.
  • We advise a generic sentence of, “congratulations, this student as passed all competencies”.

Interim Report Templates

Please find the Year 1 Interim Report Template​ attached below:

3 by on Scribd

Please find the Year 2 Interim Report Template​ attached below:

4 by on Scribd