First and only accredited Certificate III course in Acting (Screen)

The Australian College of Dramatic Arts (ACDA) is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in the delivery of the nationally accredited 22576VIC Certificate III in Acting (Screen) course solely in the VET in Schools (VETis]

The general purpose of the course is to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes for training in acting for film and television. The training is designed for students with strong intentions of pursuing acting or related jobs, and will provide knowledge in a broad range of acting tasks relating to film and television. Many of the skills and knowledge attained are transferable to related arts industries.

The new course involves packaged units of competency that are up to date and in line with skills and knowledge that is useful for today’s students. Underpinning the changes to the course is the premise that education improves economic and social development, and that young people need to equip themselves for changes in the world of work. The course offers students the opportunity to develop skills that will not only equip them for acting but for any workplace situation.

The units of competency are delivered in such a way as to facilitate the students to work practically. Students enrolling in these courses do so because of the artistic and practical components of the courses.

Every two weeks the students are filmed. This facilitates the practical side of the course with the students becoming very familiar with being in front of camera.  This has meant that there is an increase in confidence that develops through the year. This confidence does not always equate to acting talent, but does equate to an increased personal confidence and the ability to communicate.


Australian College of Dramatic Arts delivers quality training within the niche training area of acting for screen, with a focus on teenagers and young adults. The training is designed to prepare students who have undertaken the course in its entirety to enter the film, television and peripheral industries with a benchmarked level of confidence, knowledge and correct attitudes to serve as a sturdy grounding before starting work.


Australian College of Dramatic Arts strives for continuous improvement of quality delivery to students and would like to oversee the expansion of our courses throughout Victoria. ACDA would like to grow its reputation and be recognised by the industry as a solid and purposeful training organisation specialising in the provision of quality education for young people.


Accredited courses are important to the industry as they help provide status, integrity and professional recognition for work undertaken and knowledge acquired. The courses by ACDA are Nationally Recognised Training with National Accreditation. The college as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Number 3139)  is audited and governed by the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority.