Reporting Instructions

Term #1 – At Risk

  • By the end of Term #1 you must notify all clusters which students are considered at risk.
  • The students individual schools and/or cluster heads are notified.

Term #2 – Interim Reports

  • Interim Reports due mid June, ABSOLUTE deadline, Monday the last week of Term #2.
  • Competencies and progress are done on the online portal.
  • Teacher to complete individual student comments on word doc, then to be checked by Merilyn and cut and paste into comments space on portal and saved.

Term #3 – At Risk

  • At risk students are to be continually monitored throughout the Term and teachers are to notify ACDA if issues continue.
  • ACDA will then notify the VET coordinators so there is no surprise to the student or parents if the student does not pass the year.
  • We will have results for most students in the middle of Term #3, some may need extensions and Merilyn is to advise on this.

Term #4 – Competency and Final Reports

  • Teachers are to confirm UOC Competent or Not Yet Competent (C or NYC), in assessment doc – Continual Assessment Tab.
  • Clusters will ask for Final Reports​.
  • We advise a generic sentence of, “congratulations, this student as passed all competencies”.

Mullum – Reports and Assessing Online

Requires a member login and password.

Username:  AustralianCDAadmin
Password:  admin1341@)!&

Username:  AstralianCDAtr!(!34
Password:  train1341@)!&

Then login as trainer or coordinator.

Scrolling down to the courses offered by the school, click the plus sign (+) for the class you wish to have access to.  Once you are in, the class attendance list will appear if you scroll to the right.  You can make note by clicking on the circles of whether the student is presentabsent or partially in class.  Under the Action bar on the left, there are 3 tabs:
1.  Details
2.  Performance
3.  Reports

1.  Details

Clicking on the Details tab provides that particular student’s basic informationnameaddressguardianemail contactphone contactUSI, and home school​.

2.  Performance

Clicking on the Performance tab shows the UOC’s and whether they are Competent or Not Yet Competent (or NYC).  If you scroll further down this is where you can see their attendance and ELP details and where the teacher marks that the particular student is Very GoodSatisfactory, or Needs Improvement in different areas.  There is also space for communication from the teacher to the cluster and home school and report comments.

When completing each student be sure to click Submit to save.  The button is located at the very bottom of the page.

3.  Reports

The Reports​ tab is only used at the very end of the year when all of the work is complete and teachers and marked the students Competent or Not Competent (C or NC​).

Interim Report Templates

Please find the Year 1 Interim Report Template attached below:

3 by on Scribd

Please find the Year 2 Interim Report Template attached below:

4 by on Scribd