Student Attendance

Attendance Notes for Trainers

  • WD (withdrawn) students stay where they first appear on the attendance sheets (NOT to be moved to the bottom)
  • Must use codes provided for attendance as they appear at the bottom of the attendance sheet
  • Do not change the format of the attendance file
  • Do not ‘save as’ and keep the file on your desktop; it must be kept on Dropbox at all times
  • You must provide both explained and unexplained comments at the bottom of the sheet each week
  • Do not change a student to WD yourself; we must be officially notified
  • Attendance has to be entered on the portal or emailed by Thursday of that week, not later
  • So attendance must be completed no later than Wednesday afternoon (except the Thursday class)
  • Attendance is a duty of care and legal requirement so please double check it is correct each week before submission

Attendance Notes From Induction

Attendance on the day of your class.  This is a legal document and must be completed.  We are required by law to maintain this duty of care document.  If a student has 2 weeks absent, this will raise a red flag with us.  The office will contact the VET coordinators.  If you have other information about why the student is away then let us know.  Please mark attendance in accordance with the requirements set out in the induction PD, but please where possible but the reason for absence.  (EXC is excursion, SCH PERF is school performance, ill, etc).  Students may have 2 explained absences in the year.  If they have 4 absences it means that your workload has increased and you will have to make sure they catch up.  Once a student starts missing 2 or 3 in a term, find out why they are not engaged if possible please.

To enter attendance use the portal, soft and hard copy.  No matter the cluster we must receive attendance on the day of the class.  Please take attendance and notify Merilyn in any case of spelling mistakes or omissions, and email the forms to her.  Attendance is a must and will be strictly monitored.  If students are late or leave early without a valid excuse, then they receive a P for partial absence.  If they are absent for 2 in a row then we must follow up with the VET coordinator.  For dates and times of classes please check the timetable.​

Excursions and Incursions

If a student is absent and misses Industry Information Days, this cannot be repeated for them.  Please explain​ that the Industry Guest Speakers are working in the Film and Television Industry and their time is limited.  It is a once only chance to work with them.  Dates are given as soon as we can.

Presentation and Graduation

The Year 1​ Presentation and the Year 2 Graduation are live-filmed ceremonies in the last term and are compulsory.  They are held on a day or night within the last week of term for invited parents, friends and guest speakers.